Library Policy
1. The Appiny Catalog (further, the "Catalog") is created by editors and protected by copyright. The usage of any part of the Catalog, including product descriptions, must be accompanied by a reference to the source (Appiny).

2. Applications (Web, iOS, Mac, Android, Windows) not meeting the Catalog’s requirements will not be published in the Catalog.

The following submissions will be rejected:
applications violating the laws of the Russian Federation (including, but not limited to, applications containing violence propaganda, racial hate, or pornography);
applications without a distinct theme or of interest only to a very limited group of people;
applications currently in development or launch;
applications which fully or partially replicate the functionality of other applications already published in the Catalog;
applications designed to steal personal information (including, but not limited to, passwords, bank accounts, and user names);
applications offering illegal or suspicious services for SMS payment (including, but not limited to password grabbers and malicious software, spyware and suspicious or dubious content).

3. Aplications will remain published in the Catalog for as long as they are updated and supported by the author.

4. Applications flagged by anti-virus software will be immediately removed from the Catalog until the offending code is removed from the application.

5. The Catalog administrators reserve the exclusive right to deny registration or remove from the Catalog any application, for any reason or without a given reason, and without notifying the author of the application.

6. The Catalog administrators reserve the right to deny any request or demand to change the name or description of an application, or any request or demand to not publish an application.

7. Descriptions, reviews, or the publishing of applications in the Catalog is made with the intent of enhanced usability for Internet users and may generally not coincide with the interests and expectations of application authors and their suggested descriptions of their applications.