Abacus - Kids Can Count! (by Happy-Touch)

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Abacus - Kids Can Count! (by Happy-Touch)
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Abacus - Kids Can Count! (by Happy-Touch) - игра из жанра "Книги", выпущенная компанией concappt media в октябре 2012 года. Она прекрасно работает на iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch устройствах. Игра доступна только на английском языке. Пользователи Abacus - Kids Can Count! (by Happy-Touch) еще не оставили оценок к этой игре в Apple App Store.

Последний раз она обновлялась 25 июня 2017 года. Возрастное ограничение 4+


Recommended age: 2 and 99 years
A playful way for your child to learn numbers and counting skills. This abacus – which works like a real one – helps children learn numbers quickly. From 1 to 15, from 1 to 50, and from 1 to 100.

Special feature: Not only you, but also the app can have your child carry out counting tasks. The “Task” button also presents problems to solve, and the right answer is rewarded with a short animation! An app for children of all ages!
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Our Happy Touch promise: Each app is developed in cooperation with young parents and children. The parents' suggestions are directly incorporated in our development process. This lets us bring you the best apps for children!

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