ABC Color Me - Alphabet and Coloring Pages

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ABC Color Me - Alphabet and Coloring Pages
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ABC Color Me - Alphabet and Coloring Pages - приложение из категории "Книги", созданное компанией Lizz Campbell в феврале 2012 года. Оно прекрасно работает на iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch устройствах. Интерфейс приложения доступен только на английском языке. Пользователи ABC Color Me - Alphabet and Coloring Pages еще не оставили оценок к этому приложению в Apple App Store.

Последний раз оно обновлялось 27 июня 2017 года. Возрастное ограничение 4+


A fun and educational app designed to teach children the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make. They will have fun while learning to read!

On each screen an image is depicted along with four letters. Children must choose which letter the image begins with.
When three answers in a row are correct, they are rewarded with a wonderful coloring page!

When an answer is correct, the letter and word are spoken aloud in English. With over 100 different screens, this app will really help your child learn to sound out words and recognize letters and words, which is the foundation for beginning to read!

■ Over 100 different screens with recognizable images
■ Easy to use tap-screen interface
■ Fun animations, sounds and music
■ Spoken letters and words
■ Coloring feature with over 30 different colors and three brush sizes to choose from
■ Four different, beautiful original illustrations for every letter
■ Motivates children with coloring reward after three correct answers
■ Designed by the parent of a toddler, and tested by real toddlers

Recommended for kids ages 2-5
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