ABC Touch A Book: Consonant Blends

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ABC Touch A Book: Consonant Blends
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Категория: Образование
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ABC Touch A Book: Consonant Blends - приложение из категории "Образование", созданное компанией WILLHALL SIAU в мае 2011 года. Оно прекрасно работает на iPad устройствах. Интерфейс приложения доступен только на английском языке. Пользователи ABC Touch A Book: Consonant Blends еще не оставили оценок к этому приложению в Apple App Store.

Последний раз оно обновлялось 27 июня 2017 года. Возрастное ограничение 4+


A consonant blend (or consonant cluster) is a group of consonants which have no vowels between them.

When reading a blend, each consonant within the consonant blend maintains its sound and can be heard.

Young children usually have difficulty with consonant blends, and Audio Touch A Book is a perfect add-on to help them with that.

Pictures associated with each blend are kid-centric, cute and attractive to keep your children interested and occupied.

In this version, we have included the following new features:

1. Options to do "L-Blends", "R-Blends" and "S-Blends" individually, or have fun with them all at the same time

2. Randomized pictures so it is not just a boring flashcard

3. Touch the picture to hear the name of item

4. Turn sound on and off to suit every situation


- As requested, changed "Sledge" to "Sled".
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