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Категория: Образование
Версия 1.0    12.62Mb
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ABCReadToMe - приложение из категории "Образование", созданное компанией Rosalba Reynoso в сентябре 2011 года. Оно прекрасно работает на iPad устройствах. Интерфейс приложения доступен только на английском языке. Пользователи ABCReadToMe еще не оставили оценок к этому приложению в Apple App Store.

Последний раз оно обновлялось 26 июля 2017 года. Возрастное ограничение 4+


ABCReadToMe is a collection of beautiful stories with deep meaning. The application will read the colorful stories to your kids, helping them to learn to read and pronounce new words to enhance their vocabulary.

Not only the your kids will be able to hear and read the stories, but also play with them. After each story, the reader is presented with a couple of interactive questions, such as "whats color is…?" or "How many…?" so they learn more than just to read.

The application is suitable for kids of all ages and is really easy to use, no hard settings or configuration is needed, just touch the book you want to read and the big colorful arrows to navigate it! when you are done, just touch the "home" button and you are back. Your kids will learn to use it on their own in no time!

More stories are coming in future upgrades as well as the ability to create your own books, but that's a story for another day.

Please your comment is welcome and will help us improve our application.